Photoshop Colour

For our first Photoshop workshop, we had to learn how to colour on Photoshop properly without creating multiple layers. First thing we had to do was find a line art image from somewhere, for this I chose a sonic image. Then we had to find with colour was most popular on that image, which for me is blue as sonic is blue, then create a new layer and colour over the whole image. Once that was done we had to go to the drop down box in the layers panel and choose ‘multiply’, this made the line art show through the coloured area. After this all we had to do was use the ‘magnetic lasso tool’ to select an area from the line art and change the colour to the correct colour. When it is all coloured in I then used the ‘burn tool’, this gives an image a shadowy effect and I also used the ‘dodge tool’, which gives the image highlights.

Below is the line art image and the final image I coloured in.

I also thought I’d colour in one of my own line art drawings of an orc which I had scanned into my computer.



~ by reeceharry on October 18, 2012.

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