Professional Practice: logo ideas and designs

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For my logo designs, I did various sketches of my name, my initials, and I wanted to put “3D” into it so people who saw it knew what work I specialise in. I merged two sketches together to create my logo, I wanted a pixelated font because pixels are associated with games and games design. The design I went with is the one below.


I took the design and decided to recreate it in 3DS max, as I wanted the 3D effect to be genuine, and then I made sure I had the correct angle and took a rendered shot of the 3D model. I created a few colour variants so I could see which one I liked most. I personally liked the blue design as it was simple yet effective. I then took the rendered images into Photoshop and created versions without the background and with different backgrounds. This was so I could use my logo on my interface, business cards etc.

Below are various colour variations I came up with. I also came up with a name tag sort of thing with my full name and my preferred job role underneath.

BlackLogo GreenLogo GreyLogo LogoDesign1 LogoTest1 OrangeLogo RedLogo


FMP: Control Room

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I have fleshed out the control room area in my environment, it overlooks the whole cell block and can see where inmates are at all times. The cameras located in the block would be seen through the screens hanging from the ceiling, any lights, cell doors and CCTV cameras are controlled through the control console. Any keys or small valuables can be put into the key box located on the wall beside the door.

Also beside the door is a key card swiper which is also located beside any doors in the prison. This is essential to the game and game play as they are used to open secure doors that only guards and officers can go through.

Also another asset along the wall is a memo board which would have any important notices about inmates, also important business cards for related companies would be placed on here.

None of these assets are textured at the moment but will be updated when I can, I just wanted to create and build the area as it is one of the more important rooms of the environment.

HighresScreenshot00020HighresScreenshot00021 HighresScreenshot00022 HighresScreenshot00023 HighresScreenshot00024 HighresScreenshot00025

FMP: Laundry Trolley

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During the time of the riot, laundry was being collected by prison workers, and new, clean prison clothes were being handed out. There are two types of Laundry trolleys that I created, one full of clothes and sheets, and one that is empty. This is so when I place them around the environment, I can have them either stood up or on their side, with clothes hanging out of them.

In the game, the laundry trolley would be an interactive asset where the player can hide bodies in, or grapple enemies into it whilst fighting and ram it into people. It would also be a good asset to block areas where you don’t want people going to.

HighresScreenshot00015 HighresScreenshot00017 HighresScreenshot00018

FMP: Pipes

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Pipes are a great asset to have along walls and ceilings, there add more detail to an area and are easily changed to have a broken pipe with steam coming out, or maybe a leaking pipe. The pipes I created are modular and hang from the ceiling from metal struts but can also be scaled down to become thin pipes that climb up the walls.

HighresScreenshot00014 HighresScreenshot00019

FMP: Decals

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I started to look at my environment, I noticed that it looks plain with assets placed in there, so I decided to start creating decals to place. They were relatively easy to create and they add a great deal of detail to the environment.


The yellow lines that are one the floor are to indicate where the inmates can stand, they not allowed to stand directly outside the cells and must stay behind the line unless they are crossing it to go inside their cell. The yellow lines are placed along the corridor to show where the inmates must walk when moving from one area to another.


The phone decals on the wall indicate where the phones are located, they are constantly under surveillance from the guards. I created one full colour and one that is faded.


The the scene being set after the deadly riot, there will be lots of blood that has dried up, so I created multiple blood splat decals to place around the area. I can place them on assets to show that the asset has been used as a weapon, in the image above, the blood on the seat shows that someone had hit their head hard on the steel seat.


I needed an indication of which cell was where considering one of the cells is a big part of the area and the story. I created 16 decals ‘B-1 to B-16’, I faded most of them to show that they are a bit weathered and old.

FMP: Food Tray

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As the canteen in close by to Cell Block B, some inmates had cell block privileges where they could bring their food from the canteen and eat in their cell block away from other inmates. The food trays that held the prisoners food are small assets that will be placed around in places like on tables, under tables, and in cells.

As it is a small object, this is one of the objects that can be used for a weapon against the player or AI. It is also an asset that can be duplicated many times without being too repetitive, as there are many inmates in the cell block and each inmate has one tray each.

Blood decals can be placed on food tray to show that it has been used in a deadly fight, placing it near dry blood splats adds some form of narrative.


FMP: Cellblock Catwalk

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To get to the second set of cells, you need to walk up some stairs. These lead up to a catwalk which follows the wall around half of the cell block. This is fully made from a hard steel and can hold a great amount of weight considering many inmates and officers will walk along it. The floor has an Alpha map attached to it, so you can see through the floor of the catwalk down to the floor underneath. I feel this adds more detail as you will see any animations or movements through the floor.

catwalk HighresScreenshot00008

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