FMP: Lights

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For my final major project, I needed to create a form of lighting to put on the ceiling so the UE4 lights aren’t appearing from nowhere. I wanted to have lights that hang down, this was to show a bit more detail around the ceiling, instead of flat lights, I also feel it would be good to have items like clothes or toilet paper hanging down from these as there will be a riot scene being shown. The image below is an example of the style of lighting I wanted.

Arizona prison

Arizona prison

I decided to create a modular lighting system, so I could easily change up and move or add more lights if needed. I wanted to have the cable casing shown on the ceiling instead of being hidden inside the ceiling, this adds more detail to the top area of the environment.



FMP: Bed

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Initial bed idea

My initial bed idea for the cells was to have them hanging from the wall from either a metal pole or a chain of some sort. I wanted this design initially so I could put two in a cell, one above the other. Also with this design, the beds would fold up against the wall to provide more room inside the cell. I started creating these types of beds and when I had a basic model created, I realised that I didn’t particularly like the style when placed inside the cell.

Cell Sketch

Updated bed design

My updated bed design was made so only one bed can be placed in a cell at a time. Unlike the previous design, this one has legs and fitted nicely with reference images I had. Also when it comes to fitting the cells with assets, the bed could be flipped on its side or upside down to add some possible narrative to the scene.


Client Project: Horse Tie

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As Jonah is a small town that is slowly growing in size, you are able to walk around the area but when you need to travel to other towns or areas that are a distance away, a horse is a great way of travelling a certain distance in a small amount of time. So when people arrive in Jonah on their horse, they will need somewhere to tie up their horse. So I decided to create a horse tie that would be good to place in front and down the side of buildings.


Client Project: Fencing

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Another asset I have decided to take on is the fencing around Jonah, I am going to create 2 types of fence. One type that looks relatively old and looks like it has been hacked into shape with an axe by an amateur. The second type will be more clean and have more cylindrical support beams that looks like it has been professionally made. For the shoddy fencing, I created 5 planks, one small plank, one fat support beam and one long support beam. I have created a sample fencing inside the engine to see what the fencing will look like. Each plank can be moved and rotated so the fencing doesn’t look repetitive. The more damaged looking fence will be good to place around areas like the graveyard or around areas of disrepair. The more clean, cylindrical fence will be good to have around areas that are being newly built

fence1 HighresScreenshot00195fence2 fence3

FMP: Table/Chair combo

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This asset will be placed inside the foyer area of the cell block, where cell mates would sit and talk. They are combined for security reasons, so they can’t pick up the seats and injure an officer or another inmate.

The building of the asset started with creating a low poly table, duplicating it and creating a high poly version of the table and chairs and then baking the normal map down. This was so I could get a curved look to the hard edges of the low poly without adding more polygons. I feel that the overall look of the model is perfect for what I wanted and the baked detail I added makes it look better.

Below are some renders of the model:

FoyerTable1 High and low poly

I’m not particularly happy with the high poly bake onto the seat area and I may change it in the near future, I feel it still looks quite sharp and that wasn’t the look I was going for, also having a sharp looking seat inside in a prison isn’t very good for safety purposes.

FMP: Prison Phone

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Within Cell Block B there will be monitored Phones to make public calls to family and friends, there is a time limit of 5 minutes maximum and each cell mate must earn their phone call with good behaviour and prison work. When fighting nearby a phone, the player can use the handset as a weapon, using it for choking or hitting.

It is made from a hard metal and the handset being made from a durable plastic casing, and the cable being very thick and secure, so no inmate can yank it from its box. There is a small notice on the phone box stating that “Cell Block B Inmate Telephone: This telephone is under surveillance. In case of Emergency: call 911”. This is there purely to add a bit more detail to the phone and so show inmates that they will constantly be monitored while making calls.

screenshot022 screenshot023

Client Project: Workbench and Boxes

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With it being a growing town constantly being developed, I thought creating a workbench to place around the town would be a good idea, I personally wanted to create it for the undertakers because the coffins would be created outside the shack because there wasn’t enough room inside. But this is also a good asset to put near buildings under development and also to put inside the hardware store.

It is completely made out of wood, even the vice is wooden as most things would of been made out of wood because of the area. Small assets and narrow assets can be placed in the vice on the workbench to show that it is being built, which also adds some slight narrative to the area.

screenshot020 screenshot021

The ¬†crates that have been created are great assets to populate area’s of Jonah, they can be used to create blockades in areas characters aren’t allowed. These assets would be good to put outside shops and saloons with small assets placed inside, like bottles, cans and food, so show that a delivery has been made to the building.

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