FMP: Decals

I started to look at my environment, I noticed that it looks plain with assets placed in there, so I decided to start creating decals to place. They were relatively easy to create and they add a great deal of detail to the environment.


The yellow lines that are one the floor are to indicate where the inmates can stand, they not allowed to stand directly outside the cells and must stay behind the line unless they are crossing it to go inside their cell. The yellow lines are placed along the corridor to show where the inmates must walk when moving from one area to another.


The phone decals on the wall indicate where the phones are located, they are constantly under surveillance from the guards. I created one full colour and one that is faded.


The the scene being set after the deadly riot, there will be lots of blood that has dried up, so I created multiple blood splat decals to place around the area. I can place them on assets to show that the asset has been used as a weapon, in the image above, the blood on the seat shows that someone had hit their head hard on the steel seat.


I needed an indication of which cell was where considering one of the cells is a big part of the area and the story. I created 16 decals ‘B-1 to B-16’, I faded most of them to show that they are a bit weathered and old.


~ by reeceharry on May 24, 2015.

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