FMP: Bed

Initial bed idea

My initial bed idea for the cells was to have them hanging from the wall from either a metal pole or a chain of some sort. I wanted this design initially so I could put two in a cell, one above the other. Also with this design, the beds would fold up against the wall to provide more room inside the cell. I started creating these types of beds and when I had a basic model created, I realised that I didn’t particularly like the style when placed inside the cell.

Cell Sketch

Updated bed design

My updated bed design was made so only one bed can be placed in a cell at a time. Unlike the previous design, this one has legs and fitted nicely with reference images I had. Also when it comes to fitting the cells with assets, the bed could be flipped on its side or upside down to add some possible narrative to the scene.



~ by reeceharry on May 21, 2015.

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