Client Project: Workbench and Boxes

With it being a growing town constantly being developed, I thought creating a workbench to place around the town would be a good idea, I personally wanted to create it for the undertakers because the coffins would be created outside the shack because there wasn’t enough room inside. But this is also a good asset to put near buildings under development and also to put inside the hardware store.

It is completely made out of wood, even the vice is wooden as most things would of been made out of wood because of the area. Small assets and narrow assets can be placed in the vice on the workbench to show that it is being built, which also adds some slight narrative to the area.

screenshot020 screenshot021

The  crates that have been created are great assets to populate area’s of Jonah, they can be used to create blockades in areas characters aren’t allowed. These assets would be good to put outside shops and saloons with small assets placed inside, like bottles, cans and food, so show that a delivery has been made to the building.


~ by reeceharry on May 21, 2015.

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