Client Project: Windmill and Water Tower

To get some form of animation and dynamics into Jonah, I was asked to create a Windmill. The started by finding reference images of old western style windmills and seeing how they looked, I decided to make it wooden with a metal propeller as most windmills looked like this in 1876. I wanted to make it so the asset was big enough to see over smaller buildings but not too big that it will tower over everything else. Windmills in those days were used to pump water from a water tower for the town to use for washing and drinking. With it being a town that is growing in numbers, there will be a couple of windmills around the town, as well as water towers, which is another asset I created to go with the windmill.

There are still a couple of assets I need to produce to go with these two assets and they are a pump and some pipes, these will need to be made to show how the water tower works, so they don’t look like random assets placed in the town and that they actually have a purpose.

screenshot015 screenshot016 screenshot014


~ by reeceharry on May 15, 2015.

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