Rabbit Heart: Uniform Store

As I have decided to look into the uniform store that is situated inside the cave, I have been searching and viewing possible reference images to help me create a design for the room.
As I was unsure of what the room would actually be, I asked Gareth what type of room it actually is and he told me that it is basically a changing room for the pilots of the EXO-Suits. So there will be uniforms, lockers, helmets, boots, benches etc. After finding out the information I needed, it has giving me lots of ideas of how it could look, with the place not having any life inside, I think it would look quite derelict and untidy, so boots, clothes and helmets on the floor, locker doors open etc. Also to take into consideration is the fact it’s inside a cave, so the walls of the room could be bare caves walls or the cave walls could show through partially.








Below are the development screens of the creation of the room.


I firstly began with downloading a particle package through the UE4 launcher created by the unreal team, I downloaded this because it contains assets that can help you build a cave, so I did so as I didn’t have the time to build and create cave walls and rocks. Also I think this allows me to have a look into packages provided by the unreal team and be able to alter and use them to my advantage. Once they were downloaded I started by scaling the rock assets and slowly building up the walls and roof of the room, which all merge together incredibly well and the rocks are diverse enough to look unique and they don’t look the same as each other.


Once that was done, I wanted to add more smaller rocks and slanted rock formations to where the wall meets the floor and the ceiling, to give more variation and make it look less orderly.


After I was happy with the look of the walls, I started adding some foliage into the scene. Adding long pieces of grass and vines and ivy up the wall and hanging down, I thought adding this would add to the overall abandoned look to the level. I also moved some of the large rocks to make a hole in the ceiling, giving the environment some more atmospheric detail.



Next I added all the models I created to the level, scaling and moving the assets to the place I wanted, trying to put them in places where you would find them. (clothes on the bench, clothes in the lockers).



Finally I added the lights and finer details to the scene. Instead of making the construction lights I made emit  light from the bulb, I just placed a spotlight in front of each light asset to show where the light would come from in the environment. This was just a place holder and if I was to carry on with the project, I would make the lights emit from the bulb. I also added a point light to the hole in the ceiling to allow more light to shine through.




Below are the final screens of the area.

Final1 Final2 Final3 Final4 Final5 Final6 Final7 Final8 Final9


~ by reeceharry on January 15, 2015.

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