Rabbit Heart: The Cave research

As I am going to be looking into the interior of the cave where the EXO-Suits are located, I am looking into current environments created by professionals and amateurs alike, looking through portfolios and polycount forum too. Below are some I found that I think could be an interesting reference to the cave area.


I liked this environment purely for the stair reference, as I know Ululu has to go down stairs when she first enters the cave, I particularly like the rock formations and foliage shots taken and thought that these will help me get a better feeling in my initial sketches.


This environment is very related the to area as it is a sci fi cave, with pipes and metal frame work everywhere, I thought it was a great reference to look at, and seeing how the creator has placed models and items around the area, it gives me some ideas. There are lots of levels to explore in the environment instead of a flat plain, it takes advantage of the space.





After taking another look at the ‘Rabbit Heart’ blog, I found another image that shows a simple blockout of the cave area and the contents. After seeing this, I noticed the small room ‘Uniform Store’, and thought that this could be something to develop on as this is the place Ululu finds the flying helmet that brings the machines to life. As this is an important part of the game, I am specifically going to look at this room and area could look like and look into other types of places that relate.


~ by reeceharry on December 12, 2014.

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