FMP: Into UE4

As I have modelled and textured my modular cell, I wanted to put it into UE4 to see what it looked like all put together. As this was the first time I have used UE4 properly, I found it very easy to maneuver and work my way around the tools it has implemented, it was just a case of finding them, which was relatively easy.
Next, after I had imported my textures and static meshes and paired them up, I dragged and dropped them into the viewport and put them all together, making sure it was all lined up together so no seams are showing.

UE4 Screens1 UE4 Screens2 UE4 Screens3

After that I copied the cell another 15 times and set them all up so they were in the correct position and enough room for other walls I needed to place. At the moment 16 cells is my minimum amount I am going to put in, depending on time and size, I might add more in the future.

UE4 Screens4 UE4 Screens5

Once they were all in place, I started to block out the other walls, floors and ceilings as a place holder so I know what I am working with and I know where things are going to be.

UE4 Screens6 UE4 Screens7


~ by reeceharry on December 5, 2014.

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