Client Project – Undertakers and Graveyard Research

On friday I started to create a quick Undertakers concept idea inside 3DS max and photoshop, using Gareths idea of creating a facade and using images to create realism and texture to the building. These were purely made to get an insight into how the building could possibly look and to try out an easy concept creation technique.

Undertakers2 UndertakersConcept


As this was a quick idea to do, I have decided to look further into the Undertakers and graveyard parts of the environment as they are closely related.

The Undertakers – An undertakers job is to provide funerals and embalming services for the dead and their relatives, they are more commonly known nowadays as a ‘Funeral Director’ or  a ‘Mortician’. In the western times, there wasn’t many undertakers in the small towns; so when people died, their relatives would look for and appoint someone who had the tools at hand to help with the funeral services. These were usually a doctor or a furniture maker, a doctor would be able to deal with the body and help preserve it and the furniture maker would be able to help create the coffins, so these people would have a double job role in the old west town.



This image is from 1872, Australia. Although it is probably not the same as the american architecture of the time, it is still a wooden building with hide walls by the looks of it and I thought it was a good reference for any future building we do. There is also an advertisement on the front which says he is also a cabinet maker as well as an undertaker.



This building is a good example of 2 job roles, an Undertaker and a cabinet and furniture maker. There are also a few miscellaneous assets on the boardwalk that might be of interest to us

28mm Old West Wargame Building Malifaux undertaker




I also found a couple of images of models that are probably used for miniature town structures or toy train towns but I thought they where a good reference for possible building structure and facades.

Graveyard – From images I have found, I have noticed that a lot of the graves are either made from a wooden tombstone or a stone tombstone in either a cross design or the generic curved design. As well as this, the graves are covered with large rocks and there are a lot of shrubs and foliage nearby.

boot_hill_vert-20daeffef98ca78ae53ccd79a6050ffa7aaaa5ea-s2-c85gravesopytx47soujh4fz63hylSplit Grave





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