FMP: Related environments research

Within this post I am going to be looking at and analysing similar types of environments to the one I am creating. I will link the environments at the bottom for you to see for yourself.
As their isn’t any hand painted prison environments (from what I’ve looked at anyway), I have looked at miscellaneous hand painted environments and realistic looking prison environments and tried and take something from these.

The first one I have found is a project someone was showing on ‘Polycount’ forum created by a user called Grimmstrom. Using ‘3DS Max’ and ‘UE4’, this person has created a scene from Batman Arkham City’s Blackgate prison. Using a piece of concept art  created by Daniel Kvasznicza as inspiration.

His work and updates posted to polycount showed the viewers how progress was going. From looking at the concept art and his environment, I think he has done a great job with planning the stage and getting it ready for the actual models to be placed in. In his forum thread, he says that his models have only been created within ‘3DS max’, which I think is great as some of the models in the scene look like they have been sculpted using ‘zbrush’ or ‘mudbox’. Seeing this gives me some ideas of how to create a broken area of the prison, perhaps having a section where a door or window has been damaged and/or a pipe broken and snapped from a roof or wall; this would be a good way to show more character within the environment. Unfortunately Grimmstrom has stopped with the project at the moment, but has said he will carry on with it when he has time and he will move over to the ‘CryEngine’ instead of ‘UE4’.

Grimmstroms most recent screen shot.

Grimmstroms most recent screen shot.


The next environment I have found related to my project is a portfolio piece created by a man called Scott Pearce, His prison wing scene is created using modular static meshes, BSP and props and all put together inside UDK. I can relate more to this piece as it is similar in style as I want, with some hand painted textures and some photo realistic textures together. The thing I particularly like about this scene is the many pipes, air shafts and metal work on the walls and roof, it gives the environment some much needed character and style, I feel if it was without all the metal work I think it would look quite generic and plain. This environment also gives me ideas for possible textures for walls and floors that I could use for certain parts of my prison. In my eyes I think some of the sizes of assets are either a little too big of too small compared to the size of the rooms and other assets but overall I think this portfolio piece by Scott Pearce is very good.

Scott Pearces Prison Wing

Scott Pearces Prison Wing


The third environment I looked at is a Stock prison asset set created by ConceptualDesigner. Even though its a stock asset set, it is still relevant for what I am doing. The assets created are a great inspiration for possible ideas inside my cells. I have already got some ideas from this for my cell bed by having it suspended onto the wall. Other ideas from this set is the use of plumbing pipes near the toilet and sink. With my cells being such an important part of the environment, this cell set is great research material and helps a lot with what I could possibly make.

Conceptual Designers Cell Asset Set

Conceptual Designers Cell Asset Set


Unfinished Batman themed Prison environment

Scott Pearce Prison environment

Stock 3D model set


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