FMP: CCTV Camera

With it being a high security prison, there will be CCTV cameras placed here and there to keep an eye on inmates. For my model I didn’t want to create a simple dome camera, I wanted a high quality one that would look like it would pick up high definition recordings of the prison block.

The model itself is created using smaller shapes and then I have built them up into one, I found it was easier to do it this way because trying to make it out of just one shape would of been very difficult and it wouldn’t have had the desired effect. I have also grouped the top part of the camera together and set the pivot point to the same position, so when I rotate it in different directions, it will all move together.

Here are the Final Renders.

FinalRender1 FinalRender2 FinalRender3 FinalRender4

Below are some rendered screen shots of the model I have created, at the moment it is only a grey texture.


Screen3 Screen2 Screen1

Here some reference images which helped me with the modelling.

AB-CDN01_heavy_duty_replica_cctv_camera-01 cctv CCTV_Camera CCTV_cameras4


~ by reeceharry on November 7, 2014.

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