FMP: Video Game Research

To gain more research into my environment design and build, I am searching for lets plays and footage of games that have a prison scene or level within it. Below is a short list of games I have found:

  •  Prison Break The Conspiracy

This game is loosely based off the TV show with the same name. I have watched a few videos of gameplay and lets plays of the game and found that there is a prison riot level which is great for my environment as I wish to have a riot scene. Looking through the level is giving me ideas of where I can place certain assets (to block doorways or certain areas/ focul points in the environment) and other types of assets I may be able to have in a riot scene (fold up tables, trash can?)

  •  Watchdogs

This is the most modern game I have found with a prison level in it, sadly there is no riot scene but it is an escape level so there are a lot of rooms to discover. As there are a lot of rooms to discover and move around in, this allows me to look at and view assets, where they are placed and how they are placed. Also there is a control room you can go in, which is helpful as I am creating a control room. Extra assets to consider (laundry trolley, wet floor sign)

  •  Splinter Cell Double Agent

I was referred to this game by Chris and Nathan, as they said it has a prison riot scene. As I don’t own the game I have watched various gameplay videos of the level. From what I have watched, there are areas of the game with riot like parts but not enough to see anything new, except maybe asset placement (tables, chairs, boxes piled up). Also maybe, it has given me an idea of how I could build my cell, as you start out inside a prison cell.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies (Mob of the Dead)

I was also reffered to the call of duty zombie map “Mob of the Dead” by Sam, as he said it is based in the prison of Alcatraz. With this being such a popular game there was plenty reference online through videos and reviews. The level itself is a big help because of the destruction and various assets that are in the environment, as I want to scene a riot in my FMP, the destruction set out in this zombie map can come in handy for how to set a mood or scene (lighting, asset placement).

  • Prison Architect

This is an indie simulation game, where you create and build a working prison. I have played this aswell as watched some gameplay videos on youtube. Although this wont help with placement of assets or the way it looks, but it has helped a lot with what type of rooms are found (holding cell), key prison items (Metal detector) etc. This game can be quite good for an in game blockout of what I would want to create but you are unable to create 2 floors which is what I want to do.

  • Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins on the PS3 and Xbox 360 has a level based in a cell block, this has a good reference of how to block off areas (mattresses a good example). The level has a lot of destruction and rioting areas which is great reference for my environment, the mattress asset created looks very dirty and worn which is something I want to create for my asset, aswell as worn and dirty, they also have a ripped version to make it look more diverse.


~ by reeceharry on October 14, 2014.

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