FMP: Prison Architecture Research

For my Final Major Project I am creating a hand painted environment set in a post-riot prison setting. To begin on this task I am going to begin researching into prison architecture, looking at what prison blocks and cells look like as this is the area I wish to create. I will look at the size of these rooms and the way they are built, so looking at pillars and struts, seeing the placement of stairs. Along with this I will also look at what assets and items you can find in prison blocks and the cells, and look at riot scenes in films/TV to get an idea of what a riot scene would look like and how I would be able to recreate this in a video game environment.

Firstly I wanted to look into real prisons around the world, I wanted to go for a more american style prison block with a ground level and a second level with stairs leading up to it. I will also look at small single level prison blocks to see if there are any other details that I may need for when it comes to designing my area.

Arizona prison

Arizona prison

This is an image from a prison in Arizona showing a wide view of the block of cells. This is a good example of how I would like my area to look like, with at least one raised level, high raised ceiling, one or two sets of stairs leading towards the higher level. Also I particular like the brightness of the area as it lets me see in the gaps of the block. As there are many cell doors, I will have to take into consideration how many cells I will want to have inside my design.

Cell Block Detroit

Cell Block Detroit

Here is an image of a cell block inside a prison in Detroit. Which gives me ideas of what type of assets to place inside the cell, also gives me an idea of how I want the door to look like, I think I would like to go for a traditional barred door, instead of a full metal door. This will allow me to show off the inside of the cells I create, allowing me to make some of the cells unique to what type of prisoner is inside.

Detroit prison

Detroit prison

This is the Detroit prison I looked at before but showing the main area  of the block. This lets me get an idea of what types of textures I could use in certain areas, and where structural pillars and struts could be placed to make sure my ceiling isn’t just floating.

Northern Ireland Prison

Northern Ireland Prison

This cell block is just a single level, with a lower ceiling than the other, this type will give me ideas for any extra cell corridors that could lead off from the main block in my environment.

Oklahoma prison block

Oklahoma prison block

In this prison block, you can see what I suspect to be a control room of some sort as there is a normal window and door. Having a control room will be essential for my prison block to give the feeling that this room has been compromised. Also by looking at the image of this block of cells, if a guard is standing inside this room and looking out of the window, it looks like they would be able to view all the cells and whats happening from this area.


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