FMP Proposal (draft)


For my final major project, I wish to create an atmospheric hand-painted  prison environment after it has been hit with a deadly prison riot. I would like to create this type of environment because it is very different to my self- initiated project in my second year, a prison will be dirty and dark with a very scary feel to the area instead of clean and light environment like my previous project. I wanted to use hand painted textures for this because it is something that I haven’t gone into yet and it has always looked impressive when I have seen hand painted environments. I also feel that these type of textures are unique and you can always add your own style and detail to them which is always good for projects you wish to be in a portfolio, which is something I hope for this to be. I wish to create the models and assets within 3DS max and place it in the new unreal 4 engine, hopefully using this engine will give me lots of scope with how it looks, and will make it look very professional if done properly.

Primary goal

Create the modular prison cells and assets and surrounding area (unwrapped and textured)

Secondary goal

Create the corridors and modular infirmary room (unwrapped and textured)

Tertiary goal

Create the booking and processing area (unwrapped and textured)

My main objective is to create an immersive prison cell block that has been battered by the riot. So there will be many things lying around the vacinity like torn clothes, shanks, blood, beds, riot shields, weapons, rubbish and many other small assets. The reason I want to create this type of environment is because there are a lot of things I can do with it and I feel hand painted textures would look very innovative with this type of environment. Once the cell block is completed, I would like to move onto creating corridors which will have locked doors to rooms and half open rooms which you can’t get into and at the end of the corridor, a messy infirmary. This will be a room accessable and will be filled with beds, medical equipment, medical cabinets but it is a room also damaged by the riots. Finally once the cell block and infirmary are finished, just round the corner I would like to create a booking and processing area which is also damaged from this deadly prison riot.

From doing this type of environment, I feel I will learn a great deal from using new techniques and software. As there are many games out there that have hand painted textures that look original and unique, I want to be able to learn these skills which will help be create my own unique pieces of work; it will also help me develop my skills within photoshop and other design packages. To be able to learn these techniques, over the summer I am going to practice creating my own textures using online video and written tutorials so I will have some basic skills for when we return in september. As well as this, as I will hopefully be creating the area inside the new Unreal 4 Engine, I am going to follow tutorials on the engine to get to terms with how it works and how different it is to its predecessor. Also using the preset assets in the engine, I will create a small environment to see how things work, using lighting and effects to see what can come from the engine.

Also before the 3rd year starts, I will try to gain as much research into prison areas as I can. So I can get placement of rooms correct and to see what type of models and assets you would possibly see in prisons. To do this I will look at images of prison riots or just prison rooms in general, watch documentaries on prison life and TV shows and research into prison blueprints. Once I feel I have enough research I will sketch some possible room layouts and room designs as well as create my own blueprint for the prison environment.

The environment will be shown in a fly through of the area, hoping to show a story to the viewer of what happened in the prison. Along with this, I will create a research document showing what information I gathered and how it helped me make the decisions I made. As well as a research document, I will also create a high concept design document of any sketches, concepts and various information about the environment.



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