Self Initiated Project: Sofa

The creation of the sofa was probably the most time consuming due to the size and awkward way I modelled it. Due it the indents and corners, the texturing looks below par. If I was to change it, I would make the indents with a normal map and not model them in because it racked up the poly count. Although I do think it looks good for a first attempt, there are definitely things I would change with it. There are polygons that could be lost and areas that look slightly distorted.

The texturing was just a process of colouring the pieces I needed in a certain colour and then overlaying a fabric texture over the top of it to give it a realistic look, also adding shaded areas where you would find them like in the indents.


Also there are some cushions I had quickly modelled to go with the sofa. Which I think look pretty real and detailed with the texture I put on them (including zip), the blue colour is to go with other assets of the same colour.


~ by reeceharry on May 21, 2014.

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