Paragon Project: Concept Book Creation

For our Prospect Centre showing, we decided to create posters, flyers and a concept book for our viewers to look at. I was given the task of producing the concept book along with Jamie.
Inside this book would be a little information about our project, some screen shots from inside the engine to show where it was built, as well as rendered shots of various important assets within the engine. We wanted to create this book so people could get a more detailed view of various parts of the environment instead of having to wait for the fly through to play through.

While on the stand on Thursday, the concept book was quite popular with the viewers who were interested in the project, as they would just start flicking through it and people seemed quite impressed with what we had created. I noticed that sometimes there were people waiting to view the book while other people looked through it but sometimes leaving because they didn’t want to wait. So I think for next time, we should create 2 – 3 of the booklets so people don’t have to wait to view it.

I also noticed while outside the shop looking at the video, people where coming to look at the video or board and then walking away. So I thought that they should of been a poster saying to “come in for more information”, which will direct people inside instead of standing outside, Which Ryan created for us in the afternoon.

The book was relatively easy to create, it was just a case of getting a relevant and easy design which would fit in with the rest of our posters etc. The most time consuming thing was to number each page and create the contents, as there was more and more pages being added I had to keep going back and change the page numbers. If I was to create it again, I would wait until the very end to put the page numbers on and possibly add screenshots of the level inside the engine and not in editor mode, as I got some criticism from my group for choosing them. Also I wanted to create a header and footer for the pages of the book, so I decided to put the logo in the top, along with train tracks to fit in with the theme.

Overall I think the book was a huge success with the public and the rest of the group seemed very pleased with mine and Jamies work.

Below is each page of the book which was produced. Jamie created pages 24- 39 and I created the rest, it was good to work closely and have some help and input from another member of the group as they can have a different point of view on various things.



~ by reeceharry on May 16, 2014.

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