Paragon Project: Park Street Bridge

I have decided to take on the challenge of building Park Street Bridge as it will be shown in the area we are building. As we don’t fully know where the fly through is going to go in the level, I have decided to just build the front of the bridge and the underneath and and mirrored it onto the other side to create both sides of the bridge.

I have had some complications with various pieces of the bridge, with some snapping issues which was quite easy to fix.

As the bridge will probably be passed by quite quickly or be seen far in the background, I am trying to lower the poly count down in various places as the detail won’t matter too much with it being an asset in the distance. A lot of the detail will be put in the texture and normal maps.

For the exhibition later in the year, I will probably go back to the bridge and add detail and further pieces where it is needed, just in case we allow people to walk over to the bridge.


This is an image of part of the bridge that had been blocked up and used as a business room or something. But back then it was a short tunnel going all the way under the bridge.

Below are some development images of the bridge.





Here are some screens of the bridge in the engine, although the road and under passage needs sorting.

Bridge Bridge2

Overall I am pleased with what I produced, although looking back there are places I could lose some polys and probably bump map some places. I feel it fits in well with the levels overall style and design.


~ by reeceharry on May 9, 2014.

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