Paragon Project: Area Groups

As we have to get on with getting paragon station looking like a proper level that is historically correct, we had a group meeting and decided to have people focus on certain areas of the station. Below are the groups.

Pink Group – Train Tracks
  • Matt
  • Reece
  • Scott
  • Craig
Orange Group – Station
  • Ryan
  • Ethan
  • Chris
  • Barry
Blue Group – Paragon Square
  • Alex
  • Nathan
  • Jamie
  • Adam
Red Group – Anlaby Road
  • Cook
  • Tim
  • Sam
  • Mark


I decided to work on the train track area along with Matt, Scott and Craig as I have handed over my platforms to Matt, who is going to build them along  while I have taken the challenge of building Park Street bridge which is in the same area.

I feel these groups will work quite well and possibly give us that extra boost in developing the level further as we will be able to focus on our specific areas instead of worrying about other parts of the level because they will be taken care of. Then each Tuesday during our group meeting, each group can state where they have gotten with their part of the level, then the other groups could give some feedback and ideas to help other teams along.


~ by reeceharry on March 12, 2014.

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