Self Initiated Project: Hidden Passage Research

As I will be making a modern 3D environment, I am researching various aspects of what I will be doing. Within this post I am going to talk about various hidden passages found within games/film. My third target for my project is to create a secret passage somewhere within the rooms, which could lead to a creepy room/pantry/cellar/wine cellar/hideout, I haven’t decided quite yet. Once I have finished the modelling and building of the rooms, I will decide where about the hidden passage will be located, I will decide then as I will not know now how the rooms will look and where things will be located.

Films with hidden Passages:

  • Tron: Legacy – Behind the Tron Arcade Machine, leading the main character to the tron game.
  • XMen 2 – In Xaviers school, there are multiple hidden passages down the hallways.
  • Sherlock Film: Sherlock finds one, which leads to a new room with clues.
  • The Dark Knight: Plays a few notes on a piano and a secret door opens in the wall.

Games with hidden Passages:

  • WOW: In karazan, theres a secret door that looks to an optional boss.
  • Gone Home: There are multiple hidden panels that come loose so the player can enter new rooms.
  • Skyrim: There is a secret room found inside The Sleeping Giant Inn in the town of Riverwood located in the back of a cupboard, which in turn starts a new quest for the player.

There are many, many more that have been used in film and games but these are the ones I can think of from the top of my head.


~ by reeceharry on February 27, 2014.

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