Project Paragon: Blade Signs

I have created some simple blade signs that can populate the side of business and shop buildings in the level. They have been left blank so people can apply their own logo or decal to the sign. I have created a oval and rectangle blade sign.

Blade Sign

BladeSign2 BladeSign


I feel they fit in very well with the style of the buildings and the surrounding area. I have put a simple wood texture over the top and made it look quite old and worn. Although it is a simple asset and can sometimes be past unnoticed, I feel it adds something to the Paragon street.

For the September showing of our environment, I will probably go back to this asset and create more styles of blade signs and different colours which can be placed in other parts of the level.

Looking back at the Blade signs and how I created them, I could probably lose some polygons for the inset i created and just normal map the indent, as it is just an asset which can be passed easily.


~ by reeceharry on February 25, 2014.

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