Self Initiated Project: Final Proposal

Self-Initiated Project Proposal


For my main idea that I am going to follow, I have decided to create a small environment set in a modern setting. I wish to create a few rooms within a modern house that are fully furnished, the rooms I am thinking of designing are the living room and kitchen. I will focus on asset creation for the rooms, focusing on the detail of each asset, not only focusing on the modelling but putting the same amount of time into the texturing as I want this to be good enough to put into a portfolio piece. I have chosen to build a modern environment as they look clean and sterile, which will allow me to use lighting, specular maps, gloss maps and reflective surfaces to give the environment an atmospheric feel. To make this more than just a couple of furnished rooms, I wish to add a small third room that will be hidden, which the player will have to find an entrance to, maybe behind a painting, bookcase or cupboard perhaps. This will be modelled using 3DS Max and built using UDK. For the texturing, I will use Photoshop and crazy bump, sometimes finding and using my own textures and also using texture sites like ‘CGtextures’. Before starting any modelling, I will research into modern house designs; create some sketches of how the rooms could look, and building a mock version of it within sketch-up. As this will be an on-going project, I will need to split my work into various targets that I can follow and focus upon.

Target 1

My first target of my project is to focus on building and fully furnishing the living room area, making sure that all pieces of furniture don’t look out of place and that the house looks like it is being lived in. Furniture could include, fireplace, sofas, side-tables, rugs, cushions, TV, radio etc. Before moving onto any other targets, I will make sure this target is completely finished, making sure everything’s textured and modelled correctly.

Target 2

Once I feel target 1 has been fulfilled, I will go onto building the second room, which will be the kitchen, same as before, building all relevant furniture and objects for the kitchen; assets could include counters, chairs, cooker, kitchen appliances, fruit, etc. When adding the kitchen to the living room, instead of them being closed off from each other, I will make it open planned so they are directly connected to each other. Before moving onto the final target, I will see if the two rooms are fully furnished and I am happy with the result.

Target 3

The final target that I would like to implement interactivity to the project, interactivity could include allowing the player to pick up small objects, turn on appliances, open drawers, cupboards. As well as this, I wish to create a small third room which will be hidden and the player would have to find an entrance which will be behind a piece of furniture in the house and the player would have to trigger it for it to open.

Research Areas

Research areas to look into for modern house styles: home improvement shows, mirrors edge, GTAV, max payne etc., home websites, films, furniture shops.

Possible research for secret passages: Gone Home, Uncharted, Tron Legacy (game cabinet), XMen films, Skyrim, Underworld films.


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