Self Initiated Project: 3 idea Proposals

Proposal 1

For my first proposal I wish to create a small detailed environment with slight interactive elements. My idea is to create a couple of rooms within a modern house, creating the furniture, textures etc. But instead of making everything dirty and grungy like within most games, I wish to create a clean environment with normal, specular and gloss maps, so I can get used to creating these for future purpose and it will add to the style of building. For the interactivity of the project, I wanted to maybe incorporate a murder scene within my rooms for the player to possibly figure out (scratches, blood splats, hidden items, holes?). Another way of interactivity I had in mind was to allow the player to explore the rooms with more detail, so be able to open drawers, cupboards, pick up items, turn electric items on or maybe find a secret room/ passage (bookcase door?). Research areas to look into for modern house styles: home improvement shows, mirrors edge, GTAV, max payne etc., home websites, films.

Possible research for secret passages: Gone Home, Uncharted, Tron Legacy (game cabinet), XMen, Skyrim. I wish to create the assets with 3DS and create the environment with UDK. I feel this would be a perfect portfolio piece as I wish to go into environment/ asset design in my future.

Proposal 2

My second idea is to create a level that could possibly be used within a multiplayer shooter game, so many buildings with a lot of cover, strategically placed items and assets. I would focus on the design of the buildings and the layout of the level. I will also focus on making a level set in a slightly futuristic environment, so this gives me a large area to experiment with asset creation to make them look detailed and futuristic. For this I will use 3DS Max and UDK.

Proposal 3

My final idea is to solely focus on very detailed 3D assets, a weapon or a vehicle for example. Solely focusing on each component of the chosen item, so I will be able to disassemble the weapon so the user can see inside the asset. A good example of this would be within shooters that allow people to change components of a weapon, adding or taking pieces away.


~ by reeceharry on February 4, 2014.

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