Paragon Project: Research Wall

For our group project of Paragon Station, we needed a lot of information and research to back up what we were doing. So we all went away and tried to find what we could, going into museums, history archives, asking local people, researching books and the internet. As we are creating an environment in 3D, the greatest research for us would be historical images of the station back in 1914 time. This was rather difficult to do due to the time frame as cameras were not popular in them days, but we found what we could and we created a research wall in our university room so we could quickly refer to if we needed any information.

We have an old map of the station and the surrounding area of around the time we need, with various images of places we need to build, from these images we have string linking to the area on the map the image is located.

DSC_0103 DSC_0104 DSC_0105 DSC_0106

As well as the research wall, to keep on top of what has been created, we decided to make a chart of all the models we needed to build. Starting from Primary(ones that need to be done), secondary and tertiary. If someone was working on that specific model, they would have to put it on the in progress sheet and when they have finished it, put it onto the completed. This would stop people from creating two of the same models.


~ by reeceharry on January 11, 2014.

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