Interactive Environments – Interactive Hardware

In this post I will talk about various interactive hardware that is currently out and currently in development and try to think of various possibilities these can be used for within our paragon project.

Oculus Rift – This next gen technology is still currently in development for games design companies to use and program for. It is a virtual reality head set which covers the eyes to allow the user to be immersed into the video game they are on, to make it seem. If we had the means and knowledge, I think this would be the perfect piece of technology to show off our Paragon Project, to allow viewers and users to put the headset on and be totally immersed in the level. It would allow them to walk around and turn their head to view all aspects of the level and it will make interactivity that extra bit special.


XBOX Kinect – With the release of the XBOX One in 2013 with a new and improved Kinect peripheral accompanying it, there is a wide scope of interactivity that the Kinect can be used for. The new and improved Kinect can track much more movement from the user, allowing for a more diverse playing field. If there was a chance we could implement this technology to our Paragon Station group project, there would be various elements within the environment we could use for this. As we have to make the level interactive in various ways, the use of Kinect could allow the user to walk along the platforms and interact with various things along the way, this could be the ticket machine, where the user could put their arm out and pull the lever to receive a ticket. Another interaction could be the player bending down and flexing their fingers which could allow them to pick up small objects like suitcases and buckets and when they release their fingers, the object will drop. As their are ladders throughout the level, the user could walk to one of these and use two hands to grab the sides and walk with it and place it elsewhere.



WiiU remotes – As well as the new Kinect there is a new WiiU console with an innovative tablet controller, that allows you to interactive with the games, in many different ways. I thought of a few ways this interactive technology could be used within our project. As you can use the controller as a second screen, when viewing posters and time tables in the level, I thought that if you lift the controller up facing the screen, you could zoom in on these posters and information boards so you can view the details of it.


Leap Motion – Leap motion is a new piece of technology that lets you control and create using just your hands. It is a sensor placed underneath your hands that naturally senses the movement of your hands and fingers. With interactivity being a big thing within our project, using your hands to be immersed in the level would be a great idea. Things like picking up items would be easy by just clenching your fist to grab the object and un-clenching to drop. Also if the level was used to play a FPS match, picking up weapons and throwing grenades would be very interactive.



~ by reeceharry on January 11, 2014.

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