Project Paragon – Interactivity Ideas

As our group project is starting to look more and more like a level, with buildings, textures and elements going into it. I have decided to look at various interactive features that have already been implemented and interactive features that could be added. As the objective of the brief is to create an interactive environment, many of these ideas will sound far-fetched, but they will add interactivity to the project.

Interaction already within the level

Ladders – These are being used to access higher areas of the level, on top of the train or on top of buildings, to allow a more diverse playing field instead of just moving forward, backward, left and right.

Ticket Machine – Created by James, he has made it so when you press E, a ticket appears from the ticket machine and the train comes into the platform.

Scaffolding – Again allowing more movement up and down the station.

Possible Interaction

Doors and Gates – Allowing the player to enter different areas of the level or used as cover.

Glass Smashing – allowing to shoot the windows and get through to an enemy or maybe enter a window ledge to get more cover.

Small Asset Physics – Allowing physics on small objects like crates, buckets, suitcases etc. will allow the player to move and push these around the level resulting in a more realistic environment.

Large Luggage cart – On an asset I created, I thought that if you shoot the 2 front legs of the cart, they would break and allow the cart to fall forward and anything placed inside to fall out onto the floor. This could also be used to access high parts of the level and maybe pushed around to certain areas to use as cover.

Rat and Pigeons – There are rats and pigeons within our station and I was thinking that the player could possibly shoot them and they die or explode, which will turn into a mini-game where you have to kill all the small animals in a certain amount of time.

Small ladder – Although there is a double jump in our level, I thought of creating a small ladder to allow another way of getting up and out of the railways so you wouldn’t get stuck.

Newspaper and flower stand – Shooting this will result in paper and flowers being scattered around the vicinity.


~ by reeceharry on January 10, 2014.

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