Paragon Project: Platform Edges

There are many pieces of the station that we need to create, one being the stations platform edges, to begin work on this I had to do do quite a bit of research, getting images and measurements to see where about they aligned and how wide they are, aswell as seeing when they curve so the tracks can follow them. Some of the platforms don’t perfectly align with the arches above them, some are more to one side, like the image below. As you can see on the left, the measure between the edge of the platform is a great deal smaller than the part on the right side, this looks like because they wanted to allow room for the small waiting room in the middle of the platform.


For the platform edges, I decided to make them modular so I could only make several models that line up with each other to create easy platforms. The various modular pieces are:

  • Straight regular piece
  • Straight long piece
  • Curve in piece
  • Curve out piece
  • End slope piece

Each platform are different widths from each other. While creating these meshes, I came across a few challenges. First one being that when I created the curved pieces, I had to make them modular so they lined up and attached to the other pieces, when rotating the curved pieces they wouldn’t allow for a fluid curve; instead they would go straight and then curve again. To fix this, it was a simple movement of a few vertices. Another challenge I came across was when I tried to attach modular pieces together. edges were not lining up together and you could see through parts of the mesh. Again, to fix this, I had to move multiple vertices so they perfectly aligned with other objects, aswell as snapping each outside edge to the custom grid we had created.

For the edges, there are 3 brick extrudes followed by the slab extrude at the top. Shown in the image below, the red lines show where to extrudes start.



Below are images of the platforms placed in the Paragon Station.





~ by reeceharry on January 10, 2014.

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