Interactive Environments – Interaction in Video Games

In this post I will talk about various interactive elements within video games, looking into a wide range of genres that include all different types of interactivity.

  • Doors – Although they are quite overlooked within games, they are probably one of the most key interactivity features in games, they stop players from accessing certain areas, also allow them to access areas. Some doors can be opened and closed at will, maybe to stop things from following you into an area. They are found in most games but a few examples are Hitman: Absolution, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Resident Evil.
  • Elevators – Used to quickly access different floors of a building within a game, usually within game buildings you are only allowed to enter certain floors so interacting with an elevator will directly take you to a certain floor programed in the game. A few examples are Fallout: New Vegas and Pokemon.
  • Light Switches – In many horror games, you are generally engulfed in darkness, so light is probably your best friend while playing. Horror games will have rooms pitch black and a light switch to light the room up or maybe flicker on and off to add a spooky feel to it.
  • Automatic Doors – Found in many games, allowing the player to gain access to certain areas.
  • ATM Machine – These are quite rare to interact with within games but in the recent Grand Theft Auto V, when you play online, you can visit an ATM machine so you can deposit money and withdraw money. The game also encourages you to deposit money if you are carrying a lot because other players can kill you and steal your money.
  • Ladder – Allows the player to walk up to and get to a higher destination. Found in many video games, like Dishonered, Call of Duty and Borderlands.
  • Sinks – Seen in many games, some allowing the player to interact and let the water run.
  • Toilets – Seen in many games, some allowing the player to interact and flush the toilet.
  • Televisions – Interactivity with Televisions in games will allow the player to view certain news stories that has happened within the game or allow the player to pass time. Within a few of the Pokemon games, you can watch the TV to see an interview or to get news on the whereabouts of a certain pokemon.
  • Radios – Radios within games are sometimes used to help the player with certain tasks or to help them get further, maybe stating what has happened in the game or if turned on by the player just to simple play some music through the level.
  • Vending Machines – These are found in many games, these are usually used to give the player a drink or food so they can replenish health quickly. A couple of examples are that they are found in the pokemon games and grand theft auto games
  • Security Code Door Lock – In many puzzle games, a security door lock is used as a challenge for the player; to find out the code so you can exit the room.
  • Computers – In various games you can access computers in game, allowing an event to happen. Within the grand theft auto games, you can access the computers and search the web to buy various things, read emails and browse the news.
  • Mobile Phones – Can be used in games to detonate a bomb or contact someone, this is popular in Grand Theft Auto.
  • Scaffolding – Allowing the player to get higher up a building from the outside, can be found in mirrors edge.
  • Windows – Within The Last of Us, windows can be smashed to lure enemies away from a certain area.

There are plenty more to name but these are just some to begin with, when I think of more I will add to the list.


~ by reeceharry on January 7, 2014.

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