Sketchemaze!: Game Idea/Introduction Story

Within this game, you play as a little pencil scribble that has been drawn by a creative child called ‘Toby’, who has a knack for sketching and drawing and he particularly likes creating complex mazes for his friends to play. But one time, while he sat doodling on this piece of paper late at night, he drew up a simple maze with scribbles around it then suddenly “POP!” one of the scribbles jumps to life on the paper and starts to move around the maze. Astonished at what he sees, he starts to play with the scribble, adding doodles to the maze for the little scribble to follow and he spins the paper to see what happens.

Soon enough, it’s Toby’s bedtime and has to stop playing; he wakes up early in the morning excited to create more mazes for his scribble but it was nowhere to be seen, confused and sad he starts to draw and doodle like crazy and keeps waiting and waiting for it to reappear, but to no avail. Later that night he tries again, he gets his pencil and his sketchpad and begins to draw, once done he waits for it… 7:00pm passes, 7:30…7:50, “hmmm, no luck…” then suddenly, clock hits 8:00pm and he hears the “POP!” and there it was; the scribble was back in his doodle maze. From then on Toby waited until 8pm every night to play with his magic scribble, creating various styles of maze for it to play in.

To progress within the game, the player will have to move the scribble towards the various points and power ups in the level, once the points are collected, a door will open and the player will have to move the scribble to the open door and get out within the time limit while the level rotates and spins to make the player disorientated.

Once a level is completed, a menu will show allowing them to replay the level, go to main menu or move onto the next level.


~ by reeceharry on December 1, 2013.

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