Reading Week Challenge: 3D Alphabet (Upper Case Only)


In our technical production skills lesson, we have been set a task of creating the upper and lower case of font of our choice in 3DS Max. There is a tool within the program that allows you to create 3D letters in any font straight away, but that’s no fun in using, so I am creating it manually.

Firstly I went into microsoft word to see what type of font I wanted to create, I wanted to choose something with a bit of difficulty to it, after a few minutes I found the one I wanted to use, ‘Cambria’. Once I got the font I wrote the alphabet in upper and lower case and put it in size 48, print screened and put it into Photoshop so I could save it as a JPEG.


After that I opened up 3DS Max, created a large flat plane and created a new material in the material editor; adding the new image to the material so I could attach this to the plane I just created. This allowed me to line up the the shapes I am creating for the letters with the font image behind it.

To create each letter, I created a box and converted it to a editable poly. Selecting the edges of the side I wanted to alter and using the connect button the create more edge lines, with these I could move and distort the shape to make it look like the letter. There is probably a much more easier way but I felt comfortable with this method.


At the moment I have only done upper case of the font as it was a much more complex font than previously thought . Next we had to UV unwrap and texture each one. I just settled for a simple grungy grey with lighter grey particles over the top on each letter.

Below is the final image of the 3D font I created. I am very proud of what I created and I think it looks pretty identical to the original, I learnt a lot doing this and it fine tuned my current skills as I was doing the same thing for each and every letter.

screen3 screen 2

At a later period I will probably go on and create the lower case and texture it, but because I wanted the upper case to be perfect, this is why I spent so much time on the letters.


~ by reeceharry on November 4, 2013.

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