UDK Tutorials 1 & 2

In our Technical Production skills lesson, we have started to follow tutorials create by our tutor on the Unreal Development kit which is a piece of software that allows users to create 3D environments and levels to full games.

In our first tutorial we was shown how to use key features of the software and get to know and use the interface. We got  shown how to move around the different view ports properly, how to use the brush tools and alter their sizes to what size you want, using the CSG tools to add or subtract geometry from the brushes you create.

We also got shown how to add default objects from the content browser into your environment, this allows people to populate blank maps with items to give them more character.

After having a go and messing around with the different features, I thought the software is quite easy to use once you get the basics down. I look forward to doing more on it and creating 3D environments.

In our second tutorial, we had to create a room using new tools we haven’t used and the normal brushes we used in the previous tutorial.

Firstly we got introduced to a new tool called the Pen Geometry tool which allowed us to create custom brush shapes to use. In the tutorial we got asked to create a certain shape for the floor of the room using this new tool and then build all the walls and the roof of the room so it was completely enclosed.


Next we had to add a light to the room so we could see it when we played it. After adding the light, we had to add materials to the floor, ceilings and the walls of the room, also being shown how to alter the sizes of the materials to fit your needs. Materials are found in the content browser.


Once that was done, we had to add a static mesh (object) and position it half way up a wall, this was the starting point for our final part of the tutorial.

In the final part, we got asked to fill the room with static meshes, but firstly designing what we was going to create.

Firstly I had a look at what type of items I could use within the room, sifting through the different items within the content browser; i noticed that a lot of the items are spooky and would make for quite a scarey, dim, grungy room.

Adding thick cables and wires around the room, attaching brackets to the hanging floor I originally put in and I also put a large air vent into the wall, which could possibly lead into another room if I was to develop this further. Below is the final version of the room.



~ by reeceharry on October 17, 2013.

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