UDK Tutorial 3: Lighting, Triggers and Kismet

Within this UDK tutorial, we had to load up our room we previously created in the previous tutorial.

Firstly we had to delete the spotlight we originally put in and put a few wall light static meshes from the content browser into our scene. Once placed we had to double click the lights and change some settings so light would emit from them instead of coming from a light actor. At first they were very dim and didn’t produce much light, but a simple change of emissive boost quickly changed it. It made the room very atmospheric and spooky; just what I was hoping for.

Next we took to cutting a hole from the bay wall at the end using a builder brush and subtract CSG. This hole was going to be a space for a door to be placed, the door meshes were in the content browser but instead of dragging them in like I usually would; I had to select them and then right click in my room and ‘Add InterpActor StaticMesh’HU_Doors.SM.Mesh.S_HU_Doors_SM_BlastDoor01′. Adding it this way allows me to animate it and attach it to a trigger. I also had to add a storage tank to the scene, this mesh will act like a switch for the doors.

After that I had to right click where I placed the storage tank and Add Actor > Add Trigger. Next I had to open up UDK’s visual coding system called ‘Kismet’, using this I had to link the trigger to the doors, once I did that I was asked to animate both doors opening for 4 seconds and then close using UDK’s animatic tool ‘Manitee’. Finally it was just the case of testing to see if the door worked when the trigger was pressed.


This screen shows the new storage tank and trigger on top of the platform to the left and the door at the end which it will open.

6 5


~ by reeceharry on October 17, 2013.

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