Burrhus Skinner: Operant Conditioning

Operant Conditioning is a theory created by Burrhus Skinner, an American psychologist who believes behaviours that are strengthened will continue but behaviours that are punished will eventually end. Operant Conditioning is used within life when people are challenged with challenging behaviours. A good example of this could be when people have misbehaving dogs, when a dog does what it is told or has a good behaviour around people or other dogs, they will be rewarded with a treat; this makes the dogs behaviour strengthen. Through operant conditioning , a person makes an association between a particular behaviour and consequence.

This technique is used in many circumstances when it comes to dealing with behavior and problems. Another example could be when dealing with mischievous children, some parents use a system of giving stickers or points to the child when they do something good or helpful, usually giving them a goal to achieve and they will get a treat or prize when they reach the goal. This allows the child to maintain their behaviour so they can get this prize, over time it will improve the childs attitude and behaviour.

A good example of operant conditioning in video games could be how Rockstar games deal with players with bad behaviour. Rockstar have implemented a feature into their Grand Theft Auto 5 game so that when bad players ruin the game for other players, they get put with other bad players when they match-make, in turn this will make the player want to improve their playing style so they don’t play with other bad players.


~ by reeceharry on October 15, 2013.

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