The Past Future King: Anti-King (Antagonist) (Draft)

Name: Olun Kraash

Age: 32

Nickname(s): Anti-King

Main Weapon: Magic

From: Whitestone

Bio: Originally from Whitestone itself, at aged 20; Olun was the only guard of whitestone that could use magic. Because of this, he was bullied and pushed into a corner, he became fed up of being pushed to a side and not being acknowledged by his superiors. He decided to abandon his hometown and take refuge in the western island of Taruul, slowly building a home for himself. Since he spent most of his life being stepped on, he decides to try and change the way things are run by creating his own army of people, by recruiting the citizens of Taruul by threatening them and brainwashing them with his lies and magic.

anti king sketch


anti king


~ by reeceharry on May 11, 2013.

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