Video Research – Slenderman

Film Design Research – Slenderman

For my 1 minute film design, I hope to create a machinima type video using the video game ‘Minecraft’. Firstly I had to see if there was a slenderman mod I could install to minecraft, so I could use the character in game for my horror like video. I found a mod called ‘Slender man v2.1’ (, the features of the modification sounds perfect for the idea I want to do.

I want to research about the slenderman myth itself. The Slenderman is quite a modern myth and has many names; Slenderman/Takkenman/Fear Dubh/ Der Grosse Mann. People would describe him as a blank, thin, faceless creature that watches from the darkness and once you see him, there is no way of escaping. He is usually only seen within film or photographs that have been captured, generally in the background.

Below are a few examples of the mysterious creature being seen…

slenderman1 slenderman2

Apparently if you have seen him, he will find you and kill and harvest your soul; even thinking about him can be very dangerous.

These images are meant to be “supposed” sightings of him, generally in the background near children, since they were his main victim. The way he gets his victims, is by sight, or he will befriend the child; acting as a type of imaginary friend and is able to lure them into the forest using psychokinetic powers. From that point, the victim will mindlessly wander into the wilderness and into the branching arms of Slenderman, never to be seen again.

Here is a video talking about the slenderman myth.

I also went on to view some previously created videos using this mod, to gain some knowledge on how to use it and if it’s suitable for my idea.

This video is a short horror story using the slenderman mod, kind of what I would like to do.


Edit 02/04/13

Due to compatibility issues between mods for minecraft, I was unable to use the slenderman mod and the camera mod I was using to film the game. Instead of using the slenderman monster, I decided to stick with the default monster on minecraft, called an Enderman who is actually based off slenderman.


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