Urban Sketching – Other Practitioners: Wil Freeborn

After looking through many various artists that specialise in drawing from observation. I found a website that has many artists that are involved in this type of art style, there are lots of links to different artists on the site. A certain one that I found was a man called Wil Freeborn, he’s a designer and illustrator living in Gourock, Scotland. He has a website with a portfolio of art he has created including his urban sketching work.

A piece that I took a certain interest in was a sketch and painting he did whilst sitting in a coffee shop in glasgow, called ‘Papercup’. He asked the customers in the shop if it was alright to sketch and it was. The result of his painting really projects a working life in a coffee shop, with the man busy with some work. The red stools, green plant and the blue jeans really stand out in relatively dull colours, also the detail in the coffee machine is very well done with notes and papers stuck to it.

The drawing can be found here








~ by reeceharry on March 20, 2013.

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