The Past Future King: Thief (Antagonist)

Name: Heltom Rupp

Age: 22


Main Weapon: Daggers

From: Brawnston

Bio: Heltom grew up living in luxury when he was younger, but everything went wrong when his wealthy parents got murdered by bandits. He was distraught, at only 12 years old, he had lost everything; his family, his money, and his home. He was all alone and needed money, food and shelter. Not knowing how to get his own money the correct way because he was spoilt and cared for by his parents, he decided to turn to theft, started stealing small things like fruit from the fruit market in Whitestone, bread from the Bakery in Brawnston. He then started to steal money from wealthy people living in Whitestone, he very rarely got caught, but when he did, he would easily escape and carry on travelling from place to place. At the height of his crime, stealing several times a day; he was contacted by Olun Kraash and asked to follow his dream of changing the way things are run in Taruul and join the uprising. Heltom agrees on one condition, if he can work alone.

thief sketch




~ by reeceharry on March 18, 2013.

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