The Street: What makes a typical high street?

We have been assigned a new brief for our craft and media 2 tech module. We have been asked to look at high streets and have a look at how they have evolved and what types of retail, financial, leisure and domestic accommodation there is down the street. Firstly I want to research what a high street actually is. A high street is a street that is the main business of a city/town/village. You will find many customers down a highstreet and typically find many different types of shops/ pubs/ business buildings down it.


A street I wish to look into is Prestongate in Hessle. This street is very close to where I live and I walk down it nearly everyday when doing some shopping. It fits the requirement of a high street or a naturally evolved shopping area, as it consists of a butchers, bakers, charity shops, pet shop, takeaways, clothes shops, hairdressers, pubs, flats above shops, houses, travel agents, solicitors, textiles shop, opticians, small market areas , a fruit market and a post office, plus many more. This street is used everyday and gains a lot of customers from around Hessle and surrounding areas, for the past 21 years I have seen Prestongate evolve and develop many times, as the old shops go and the new ones arrive.

During the day it is used for shopping, during weekdays at dinner time it’s used by school kids and people on their dinner breaks coming down to grab a bite to eat. It also has people just walking through to get to somewhere else, as Prestongate links to main retail areas of Hessle together, ‘The Weir’ and ‘The Square’. At night Prestongate brings in the more mature crowd as they go out for a drink or two, as they visit the pubs around Hessle and finish off at the takeaway situated in the middle of Prestongate.

Todays use of Prestongate during work hours has reduced quite a lot over the years due to the recession and many people like to buy their products online but during the weekend, the street can be full of eager shoppers, young and old. I went to Prestongate to gather some images of various parts of it.

old prestongate


Here is an image of Prestongate in 1955, and an image of how it looks now (2013).


This is a view from the bottom of Prestongate, it shows a few various shops and I think this street tries to keep a balance between old and new architecture, as the town tries to keep some classic designs in place.

DSCF0481 DSCF0480

A particular spot that I enjoy is the old arcade that is still there, which consists of a fruit market, sandwich bars, charity shops and flower shop etc. I like the archway that is at the entrance, it makes the area stand out a lot more.


When walking around Prestongate I was looking for various gameplay mechanics that could be utilised, I noticed that there was a few alleyways that ventured off into different areas, some leading to streets and some being dead ends. Also the street is on a slant, so it could be seen as a chase type mechanic, For example on ‘crash bandicoot’ were the boulder is rolling and chasing crash, a mechanic like that could be used within this environment.


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