The Past Future King: Companion (Protagonist)

Name: Breck Hansoog

Age: 25

Nickname(s): Brick

Main Weapon: sword and shield

From: Brawnston

Bio: Breck is a guard of King Admar and a guard to Whitestone, he is known for his bravery, but also known for his clumsiness. He started as a guard at 19 and loves what he does and what it represents. At age 21, he and a squadron of guards went on a simple scavenge mission to find a missing horse carriage that has been travelling across Taruul, but all went wrong when they were ambushed by the Anti-Kings devoted slaves. All but Breck had been killed, all alone; he had to get back to Whitestone and alert the town. He took shelter in a local building but he had been surrounded, thinking the home was vacant; he set fire to the living area to create a diversion as he slipped through the smoke and escape. This resulted in the death on an elderly man and woman who were upstairs at the time. Breck has never forgiven himself for what had happened that night. Fast forward to current day, he’s now 25 and a young man called Janikk Thrunn has just been called upon to defeat the Anti-King ‘Kraash’. Breck decides to ask Janikk if he can help him on his quest because he feels he has something to prove to the town of Whitestone and is willing to risk his life for this.

breck sketch





~ by reeceharry on March 12, 2013.

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