The Past Future King – Sword Research

Although the game I’m developing has a fictional setting, I would still like to involve real weapons that have been made within the 19th century but use my own names on them.

First I had a look at what types of weapons were used in the 19th century; swords, muskets, pistols, revolvers. I also wanted many different types of weapons, so I want to look at maces, axes, daggers, bows and crossbows.

For swords, I want to have different variations of sword with differentiating power levels; these will be carried by different level enemies and can be picked up when looted.

Weapons will level up the more you use them.

For the level 1 sword, I found a sword called ‘M1840 Dragoon Saber A.K.A. Wrist Breaker’. This was used by troops in the American civil war. I wish this sword to be called ‘Ironbane’.

level1 sword

For the level 2 sword, I found ‘M1861 USN Naval Cutlass, Enlisted’. This was used by Americans in the American civil war and the Spanish-American war. I wish this sword to be called ‘Saberbane’.

level2 sword

For the level 3 sword, I found ‘Presentation C.S. Staff and Field Officers Sword’. This was used in the American civil war and used by field officers. I wish this sword to be called ‘Whitebane’.

level3 sword

I will redesign these a little bit but I hope to keep the original shape of each one.



~ by reeceharry on March 11, 2013.

One Response to “The Past Future King – Sword Research”

  1. hey i read your post you want to chows Swords in you game series i suggest you that with chows swords you can use some other swords like Saruman staff swords so if you are put in your game . you look that people are like .

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