Production Company Name: ‘Paper Hurricane Productions’

We have been asked for out ‘Craft and Media Technologies 2’ lesson to come up with a Production Company name, not to do any design work, but to describe the process of finding the name and why the words have been chosen.

Well after about 45 minutes of sitting and staring blankley at the computer screen just trying to think of a company names, I thought I would try a different approach. So I looked at the handy little link Gareth had handed us, it shows an easy and intuative way of finding names. Link

Looking at this I thought i would create my own, so I started to write 2 lists. The first list consists of words that are colours, metals, gems, textures, fabrics, flavours and materials. The second has words that are trees, fruit, weather types, weapons, gaming terms, emotions and body parts.

List I made.

List I made.

After looking at different variations of words, like black hawthorne, diamond bomb, smooth play.

I settled on the name ‘Paper Hurricane Productions‘.

The reason I had chosen these words are:

  • Paper: Every idea starts on a piece of paper, need it be story boards, mind maps or initial ideas.
  • Hurricane: Once an idea has been pitched to a group, it will spiral and bring in more ideas and details, like a hurricane would it’s surroundings.

~ by reeceharry on February 6, 2013.

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