‘The Past Future King’ RPG Story

RPG Story

A young man from the 16th century falls asleep like normal one night in his nice cosy bed where he lives with his parents. In the morning he wakes up like normal but it wasn’t normal at all, he is woken by a mystical, strange woman hovering over him, watching him and then proceeds to say that he is the one they need. She tells him they need him to defeat the enemy and save the future of the world and that he can’t go back to the 16th century until he has done this quest. He has so many questions to ask and is so scared and confused, so he runs out as fast as he can and asks every person he can see where he is and what year it is, he gets the same answer from everyone “It’s 1830 and you’re in the town of ‘Whitestone’ located in the vast mainland of ‘Taruul’. After he calms down, he starts to come to terms with what has happened and where he is, he decides to try and help the people so he can get home. Little does he know but the mystical woman gave him some of her magic to try and help but only enough to do minor effect, she tells him that he needs to train the spells to make them stronger. 

From the beginning, he has wondered why he is there and why they have chosen him, of all people. He asks the woman this; she tells him that the late king said his name in his dying breath, telling everyone that he is the one they need. She tells him that he is related to the royal family, an ancestor to the current royals. This surprises him because he thought he was just a normal man with no direction in life; it also makes him feel special and makes him want to help his future family, he knows the only way to defeat the enemy is to gain skills and become stronger. He decides to start talking to town’s folk about the many different enemies that can be encountered around the world, to gain as much information as he can in a short amount of time. A lonely old man decides to show the young man around the town, showing him all the shops and places to rest and go that could be of help.

He visits the witch again and asks why the king chose him and not any other worthy past king. She says “The reason the recently deceased King chose this you young man is because of the stories and folklore he has read of you, you are a future king of the 16th century and you have done a lot of dangerous and courageous adventures during your reign. You guided an army of soldiers across a long and treacherous path and you single handedly killed the ‘Evil Lord Drach’, but of course you are still young and haven’t witnessed any of this yet.”

He leaves and begins to train and start his journey…


~ by reeceharry on February 4, 2013.

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