RPG Game Proposal – The Past Future King

Game Idea – RPG

Short story – ‘A young man from the 16th century falls asleep like normal one night and wakes up in the 20th century; he is woken by a mystical woman telling him he is the one they need. She tells him they need him to defeat the enemy and save the future of the world and that he can’t go back to the 16th century until he has done this quest. As he comes to terms with what has happened and where he is, he decides to try and help the people so he can get home. Little does he know but the mystical woman gave him some of her magic to try and help but only enough to do minor spells.  Since his arrival, he has wondered why he is there and why they have chosen him, of all people. He asks the woman this; she tells him that the late king said his name in his dying breath, telling everyone that he is the one they need. She tells him that he is related to the royal family, an ancestor to the current royals. This makes him feel powerful and makes him want to help his future family, he knows the only way to defeat the enemy is to gain skills and become stronger.

The reason the recently deceased King chose this young man is because of the stories and folklore he has read of him, the young man is a future king of the 16th century and has done a lot of dangerous and courageous things during his reign, but he is still young and hasn’t witnessed any of this yet.’

The young man has to build his skills by completing quests given by people around the map. This will be done through gaining levels that are obtained from helping locals and doing quests. The game will have a talent tree system, every 1 or 2 levels gained, the player will gain a point to put on a talent tree, there will be three variations to follow; strength tree, magic tree and range tree.

Fortitudo tree – This will give special attacks in the melee combat area. (swords, mace, axe, daggers, shields)

Magus tree – This will give special attacks in the magical combat area. (arcane, fire, ice)

Arcus tree – This will give special attacks in the range weapons area.  (crossbow, bows, guns)

Having a talent tree will allow the character to choose what new attack they get, so you can choose the characters path.

Getting up to and passing certain levels will trigger new quests that require better attacks to complete. Also if the character completes the main quest line first and are not level 30, then they will not be able to play the final main quest until they are strong enough; so they would have to go back and complete other side quests to gain more XP. As you go through the main quest line, it will tell you that you have to be level 30 to do the final quest, this will encourage people to level up sooner rather than later and they won’t get set back in the story.


The crafting system will allow the character to gather materials, flowers and items to create different armour and different levels of medicine. For example, finding 2 pieces of leather will allow the character to craft leather gauntlets. Or if the character found a couple pieces of iron, the character could create iron gauntlets and they will be able to upgrade each piece of armour by attaching a different coloured gem stone to it. Gem stones can be found in crates/chests/quests and can also be found by destroying rocks, the power level will depend on the colour of the gem and the higher the gem stone, the more difficult it is to find. Another example could be that the player collects 3 calendula flowers which can be crafted into a cream to heal burns and cuts. Another flower that can be found is Blood root, finding 3 of these can be crafted into a medicine to help hold breath for longer.


The game will be played from a top down view and is set in the 19th century. So the game would kind of look like an old Zelda game.  The talent tree system will be found through the start menu, health bar and mana/energy bar will be located in the top left of the screen. http://www.negativeworld.org/images/articles/top10ratedgames/linktothepast.jpg



The combat will be based around pressing different buttons to produce different attacks, some enemies will be weak against certain attacks and will be strong against others, so the player will have to know what attack will work against the enemy.


Experience points will be rewarded by completing quests and defeating enemies, also rewarded for finding rare objects found in and around the map.


When equipping armour and weapons, the player will have to go to the start menu and drag and drop what they want onto the player sprite located in the centre of the screen, also your strength skill will depend on how much your character can carry.


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