Mini Brief – “Their Pride and Joy…”

For our first mini brief for Craft and Media Technologies, we were asked to produce sketches and a final image for either a boat, a car or am aircraft; for this I chose the boat.

Below is what we were asked to do:

The side door of a dwelling, with a door/entrance open and a partial view of the interior. Outside the door is a medium to large boat/water based vehicle on a trailer, the vehicle is under repair, or being loaded for a trip and is surrounded by parts/items/boxes/kit etc. A pet sits in/on the vehicle waiting for its owner to return.

For the first sketch I thought I would just draw roughly what came to me, just to get an idea of what I could do for this task. After roughly drawing them, I added little notes to each sketch saying what the items can be used for. The boat that I have drawn was drew from the top of my head, actually everything within this sketch was drawn from memory.

First Sketch

For my second sketch I basically did a similar sketch as the first one but from a different angle, just to get a different aspect to it. Once again this sketch was done from the top of my head, just to see what I could produce. I also added little notes again to show what the player could do if he was to be in this area.

Second Sketch

For the Third sketch I got some images of boats and a shed from google and tried to sketch them. Below are the source images for the sketches I did for the third sketch.


Boat 1

Boat 2

Boat 3

Third Sketch


~ by reeceharry on January 8, 2013.

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