Group Project: Frankenstein Level Ideas

Here are some of the initial ideas me and my group came up with for the levels in game. We aimed to come up with at least three ideas and to take one further and develop it  into our level.

Level idea!

Level 1: set in the city, free roam objective find body parts to take back to the lab.

Level 2: smuggling the recovered body parts through the lab avoiding the security to get to victor’s lab.

Level 3: assembling the creature and finding a way to power it up/ finding machinery to replace certian body parts

Level 4: the creature awakes (whatever it is), the player takes control and escapes the lab fighting its way past security.

Level 5: the creature makes its way into the city, where it wreaks havoc trying to escape.

After the creature escapes the ending is played and left as a cliff hanger.

we chose level 1 and developed it further.

Level one: a large opened ended city where the player can explore in their own time. their objective is too recover body parts. while out in the city the player will have freedom of choice to chose where to go. the player will start out at the lab, the lab is also where the player must bring the body parts to pass the level. the player will be able to travel out into the city and enter building in search of body parts. The payer will be able to search inside of building like: morgues  hospitals, cemetery  homes, player’s home, power plant, police station and shops.


~ by reeceharry on January 8, 2013.

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