Casual Game: Sketch up Level

For my casual game, because I have no idea how to code and create working levels yet. I thought I would show how my level and game play would work through graphical images of a sample level that I created in Sketch up. The level is set in London where Jason is out on the street trying to get payback on ex gang-mates that are trying to kill him. Below are images of the level I created and then an image of a level key to show where enemies spawn, where your player spawns and where power ups are located.

This is the beginning of the level, where Jason spawns. and is instantly set upon by enemies coming from the nearby alleys.


Further down you will be fast approached by more enemies of the homeless, law enforcement and gang members. The members of the gang will also spawn from behind the red bus, and they can creep up behind you, so watch your back.


Towards the end of the spawn road, there are less enemies, you will be rewarded with a power-up of some sort; situated in front of the community centre. The power-up could be a weapon, a special attack, health, energy, or an effect; all with in fact help you with continuing.


If you didn’t get a weapon from the power-up, you will be able to smash the window of ‘Bruce’s garage’ to grab a something to defend yourself with. More enemies will descend upon you from down the street but also from the alleyway located  to the left of the garage.


Here you will be attacked by lots of different enemies, as they are hanging around the car park. At the back of the car park there is another power up, but this is a special time power up; giving you more time so you can rack up more score and take down more enemies.

Level objectives

This image is the key of the level and it shows exactly where things will be situated, although it’s a small sample of a level, there is still a lot to get through.


~ by reeceharry on January 6, 2013.

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