Games Magazine Evaluations

Game Magazine Evaluations

For the gaming magazine reviews, we have been asked to compare the similarities and differences between two magazines; I have chosen to review ‘Christmas 2012: Edge’ magazine and ‘Christmas 2012: Playstation Official Magazine’.

Playstation Official Magazine

POMWell firstly I thought I would begin with talking about the POM mag, this magazine is exclusive to playstation games and consoles alike. Most of the games that are featured in it are exclusive to playstation consoles like Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and Playstation Portable. So as for target audience, they are targeting the playstation community; people who play and own playstation products, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. This is a good thing because it will stick with Sony and playstation content and exclusives which will interest the favoured PS gamer. Also a bad thing because it is only towards playstation consoles which means people who are fans of other consoles will have to buy different magazines, which can be quite annoying and the price of these magazines are quite hefty nowadays; going for £5.99. Also another target audience would be customers wanting to buy a game as they can read other people’s views and reviews on games, also has quite a few adverts in it too.

For the way the magazine looks, it’s neat and clean and you know what you’re looking at; on this edition there isn’t much going on the front cover except couple of stories; but this mag comes in a card wallet as it holds a blu-ray demo disk too. On the actual wallet it tells the viewer a lot more, telling us the biggest stories that are in the magazine. Big bold writing to draw the reader in and make them want to see more, which I admit is what happened to me; telling me that there’s details on the new upcoming ‘rockstar’ game ‘Grand theft auto 5’ made me want to buy it; so big bold writing can help in some cases.

The contents of the magazine are split up into 6 different categories; the big 10 stories, Agenda, Previews, Features, Reviews and Directory. They do cover a lot of content but it is lacking in variation. It just seems to be the same features, reviews and previews of games with the odd developer interview which is shown in the Agenda section. Don’t get me wrong, the articles and stories are very well written and fun to read but sometimes it can get quite samey; maybe some more variety could be better; some more interviews of people in the industry or maybe even a look into how a developer does their work.

The layouts of the articles are nice and easy to understand, usually with most of the writing on the first page of the story and having images on the other. But there is one quite annoying thing and that is that there are a few wasted pages with useless and unnecessary large print advertisements breaking up the sections.

What I found when I first picked this up was on the cardboard wallet it came in, there’s a feature at the top telling the reader about GTA5, saying “Every red hot detail of 2013’s biggest game”. Yet when you actually read the article, there are few details on the game; which could maybe be seen as false advertising.

Overall the magazine has nice content that targets the playstation audience but could do with content that targets other audiences. The articles are well written with the writing easy to understand but the writers can sometimes be seen as one sided and have a biased few towards some things.

Edge Magazine

EdgeFor the edge magazine, this is quite an intellectual gaming mag; with very interesting views and fascinating articles about many different things about games. I would say that the target audience for ‘Edge’ would be developers of games and gamers that are interested in the nuts and bolts of a game and not just what it’s about. I say this because many of the articles and stories in the magazine are different; they may talk about art of video games, feminism in gaming and games, how a game was made and many different interesting stories. The type of language used in ‘edge’ magazine seems to be very knowledgeable; this shows that the writers and editors seem to know their stuff about video games. Another good thing about this magazine is that it covers all platforms like PS3, XBOX 360, PC etc and it also covers mobile games and indie games.

The look of the magazine is clean and tidy, very easy to understand with simple bold colours to show different articles. The good thing about the cover is that it isn’t cluttered with huge writing and stories, only shows a few headlines with a small easy to read font and size. On the front there aren’t many images to see but just 1 big one, this is usually just an image of the featured article in the edition. Sometimes there are 2 front covers to choose from, so it’ll be the same magazine but with a different front and back cover. Like in this Christmas edition #248, there are 2 different covers, both of ‘Transformers’ one of a decepticon and the other being an autobot.

Like the POM magazine, it is split up into 6 different categories; Hype, Play, Knowledge, Dispatches, Features and Create. Each category features different things like ‘knowledge’ has stories of production, art and stories about developers while ‘Hype’ talk about upcoming games that are soon to be released.

The articles written are very detailed and the layout is neat and easy to understand which is what you would expect from an established gaming magazine. Unlike many other gaming mags, the size of the font is smaller; this is so they can fit more writing; as this magazine contains far more words than pictures like other mags do. Having smaller text could be seen as a bad thing because not everyone has the best eyesight and some people could have trouble reading the size of the text.

Overall the ‘Edge’ magazine has a wide variety of articles that can interest many different people; stories about how games are developed and how they came up with a certain character. But on the other hand the font size can be quite a hurdle for some people who are interested in the magazine, as the size is quite small.

Differences between the two

The main differences are mainly seen in the text and layout of the magazines. For example in the ‘POM’; there are more images, it is a taller magazine, larger text, more adverts and it only talks about playstation products. Whilst the ‘Edge magazine’ has smaller text, less images, more text, it’s more intellectual, the height of the magazine is smaller and it talks about all consoles not just Playstation.


Some posts are quite similar in a way. For example, the ‘Assassins creed 3’ post in this Christmas edition of ‘Edge’ and the ‘Fuse’ post in the Christmas edition of ‘POM’ have similar layouts. The first page has writing and facts about the game with an image of the main character of that game, with the second page having images showing the game. Also the beginning of both of the articles, the text starts with a large bold capital letter.


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