Collaged Concept Art

For one of our craft and media tech lessons. We were shown how to create a quick and simple concept image for a game using only images found on the internet.

So for my idea I was thinking of doing a concept based in a dark and dingy cave but I came across a broken and abandoned building which changed my idea. I may go back and make another based in a cave. From the abandoned house image, I thought it would be good to make it into a zombie apocalypse.

Final image

A possible scenario for this could be that the player has just started off after waking up in a nearby house and finds a baseball bat and a handgun. Walking around he notices a building and walks to it to see if there is anyone there, but he ends up encountering his first zombie…


Original Images:

first person gun –

zombie –

abandoned house –

health bar –

gun silhouette –

baseball bat silhouette –


~ by reeceharry on December 17, 2012.

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