Casual Game – Jason Brundle’s Enemies

Jason Brundle’s Enemies

Who are they and what do they want?

Jason Brundle has gathered quite a few different enemies over the years. Enemies like:

  1. Local Law Enforcement (Police) – After the years, he had been wanted in connection with multiple crimes around the London area where he lived but always seemed to wriggle his way out of it but now the Police have it in for him and want to try and get justice against Jason.
  2. Ex-Gang mates – When growing up, Jason joined a gang that terrorized the neighborhood, stealing, writing graffiti, vandalizing and various accounts of assault. When Jason got fed up of being bossed around in the gang he decided to leave but the gang couldn’t let that happen as he knows the names and location of the gang and could possibly let someone know about them, but Jason has no intention of doing that. In the end he ran away and hid in the back alleys away from the gang but his old accomplices come and find him, so they can kill him to make sure he doesn’t rat them out.
  3. The Homeless – As Jason lives on the streets, he is homeless and doesn’t seem to get on with any of the other homeless men and women, they think he is a nuisance. So they will throw things at Jason when they see him.

What types of enemies are there? What Weapons do they have?

The Police force – They have batons and handcuffs so they can arrest you need be.

Ex-Gang mates – They will have random hard objects lying around (metal pipes, wood planks etc.) and some of them will have knifes and some will have handguns.

Homeless People – They won’t come close to the player but they will throw objects from a distance (brinks, stones, garbage etc.).

Where do they spawn?

The Police Force – They will be randomly walking down the street or arrive in a police car.

Ex-Gang Mates – They will arrive from shops, alley ways, arrive on the bus or arrive in their gangs vehicle.

Homeless People – They will arrive from the alleys only, so they can throw objects.


~ by reeceharry on November 26, 2012.

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